Tyre Safety

When did you last check the tyres on your vehicle? Research shows that most tyres are either under inflated or worn below the legal limit of 1.6mm.  Remember, that if your tyre is un-roadworthy you risk the performance of your vehicle and could also risk a possible maximum fine of £10,000 and 12 points on your driving licence.

It is vitally important that you regularly check the condition of your tyres and make sure that the tyre pressures are set to the correct level.  Damage, unusual tyre wear and insufficient tread depth will all affect the ride quality and safety of your vehicle, incorrect tyre pressures could cause irregular wear patterns.  Pay particular attention to the sidewalls of your tyres and look for any bulges or cuts in them, this could be the result of kerb or pothole damage.  Also check for any signs of cracks appearing which can happen with age.

If you would prefer, we can assist you with a FREE tyre health check and advise the correct BMW Approved Tyre for your vehicle.  Should you need replacements we offer a comprehensive service that includes Run Flay tyres all at a very competitive price.

Tyres Pressures

Over inflated tyres tend to wear heavily in the centre of the tyre and under inflated tyres tend to wear the shoulders more. The correct tyre pressure readings can be found on the information sticker on the inside driver’s doorpost.   Remember, for high loads or towing a caravan, tyre pressures should be adjusted accordingly.

Once you have checked your tyre pressures, you may also need to reinitialise your Tyre Pressure Warning system (depending on the age and specification of your vehicle). Please check your owner’s handbook for information on how to reset this or give us a call.

Tyre Tread Depth

You should also check the tread depth of your tyres; the minimum legal limit is 1.6mm across the middle 75% of the tyre at any point.

BMW recommends that you change your tyres when they reach 3mm tread depth, tyres below a tread depth of 3mm are also affected by an increased risk of Aquaplaning when driving on wet roads. This is when a wedge of water is formed between the road and the tyre and means that the tyre loses contact completely with the road surface, so that neither the car’s steering or brakes can be properly applied.

Run Flat Tyres

How long can I drive on a deflated Run-flat Tyre? This depends on the amount of people travelling in the vehicle and if the boot is fully loaded:

  • With low loads, one or two persons without luggage: Approximately 150 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph
  • With moderate loads, two persons with full luggage or four persons without luggage: Approximately 90 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph
  • With a full load, while towing a trailer or four persons or more with full luggage: Approximately 30 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph

How do I know if I have Run-flat Tyres fitted onto my car? You will see a marker on the side wall of your tyres which is a circle containing the letters RSC which stand for ‘Run System Component’.

BMW Recommendation Tyres

Certain makes of tyre are recommended by BMW for each tyre size. They are marked with a clearly visible BMW designation star ‘*’ on the sidewall of the tyre.

When properly used, these tyres meet the highest standards in terms of safety and handling characteristics. BMW only recommends the fitment of approved wheel and tyre combinations, for further details on approved tyres combinations, please contact us.

In addition to the specialist BMW and Mini services offered, we are happy to also provide the following services to any makes of vehicle;

  • Tyres (including run flats) and wheel balancing

  • Full geometry wheel alignment

  • Certified MOT Testing

  • Accident repairs/Bodywork/li>

If you are considering performance upgrades or body styling for your vehicle please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the options available.
Choosing Warne Motors Bury to service or repair your vehicle enables you to reduce the cost of ownership without having to compromise on quality.










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